8 Vegan Muscle Building Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Mistake 1: Focusing too much on the pump. Without any emphasis on compound movements and strength

Mistake 2: Training 6-7 days per week, as a natural weight lifter it’s too much

Mistake 3: Consuming too much protein. Studies show protein over 1g per lbs bodyweight are too much, can affecy hormones when you lower carbs and fat as a result of high protein

Mistake 4: following magazine style workouts, listening to mainstream fitness advice. Listening to those who use P.E.Ds. There style of training will not work for you

Mistake 5: focusing too much on supplementation. Wasting too much money on bogus supplements difference between clinically proven supplements vs bogus. Proper dosages etc

Mistake 6: doing too much cardio in the muscle building process.

Mistake 7: eating way too many calories than the small surplus needed to grow.

Mistake 8: not enjoying the process to your goal.


Over the years, I have worked with a multitude of clients incorporating different systems and protocols to get a wide variety of feedback. Overtime I have uncovered the most efficient way to set up training and nutrition that makes muscle and strength gains simple, enjoyable and incredibly effective on a plant based diet.

Learn more about the Vegan Spartan Muscle Building Program


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