Plant Based Dieting – Is Creatine Vegan?-Body Weight Training – Getting Bigger Shoulders (Q & A)


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1:21 what’s better LandMine Press or incline Press for upper chest development?”

2:18 Are you and marcos going to do more collabs soon?

3:18 What’s the difference between vegan and plant based diet?

6:22 Can I start with Phase 4 of the vegan spartan program? Or should I start my Bulk with the Phase 1 strength density program?

7:44 I recently transitioning into a full plant based diet and I was wondering if you could recommend some good sources of calcium?

9:29 Can I follow a plant based diet if I’m 15? Also what’s the minimum age to follow your vegan spartan program?

12:00 – link to my novice program

12:07 few strength exercises to build my arm size?

16:24 Do you prefer brown rice or white rice?

19:19 do I need to include conventional Dead lifts into my routine? Is it necessary to build a great body?

30:00 is the vegan spartan program for beginners? I started weight training recently and was wondering if I can start it now? (Link to Novice Program)

30:30 I know that you recommend incline pressing for an aesthetic chest development but how can I increase my incline Barbell press? I have been doing the same weight for weeks now and the weight won’t go up. What do I do now?

36:10 what do you do for a living

37:45 postural exercises for Lower back

40:00 Exercises for Bigger Shoulders

44:25 Are RPT sets better than straight sets or a 5 by 5 style approach to weight training ? 48: 00 creatine, should I be taking it? And is it vegan?

54:28 would you guys ever consider body weight training?

1:02:12 – favorite books?

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In the Veggie Power Daily Series, Author, personal trainer and entrepreneur Andi Dita and Co- Host Marcos Hurtado show you how to reach your fitness goals on your plant based diet. Each episode gives you simple, science based tips to build muscle, lose body fat, and getting healthy on your vegan or vegetarian diet.

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