The Official Herbo-Chef Waiting List

How do you build a lean, healthy body while enjoying your Plant Based Diet?



As you can see, us Vegans & Vegetarians are very unique in a way. We changed our lifestyles for a reason. Whatever your reason may be, it is for a good cause and you know this already. When I first began my plant based diet, it was very difficult to find meals that I found tasty, enjoyable and easy to make.



I wanted to make more enjoyable meals. I checked recipe blogs, YouTube videos, went to vegan & vegetarian cooking events etc. However, I just couldn’t find vegan meals that were easy to make AND enjoyable. When I did find something easy to make, it didn’t taste good. It constantly felt as if I was giving up one thing for another.



Us plant based individuals deserve the best.



I wanted meals that were both mouth watering and easy to prepare…

After spending months on end, searching for the tastiest vegan and vegetarian meals that were easy to make, I finally found the one recipe I was looking for which was mouth watering and easy to prepare.

To be completely honest….



I found 50 different kinds of recipes which were all mouth watering and easy to prepare. There was no need to desperately search for cooking blogs or watch countless hours of your video recipes. I no longer needed them. I had found what I was looking for. The meals I started cooking were mouth watering and most importantly, weekly changes to my body were becoming more and more apparent.

With Herbo chef there is….



no need to go searching for another cooking blog or YouTube recipe ever again…

You will acquire 50 of the most enjoyable plant based recipes in your arsenal which you can prepare easily to achieve your fitness goals and live a healthy plant based lifestyle of your choice.



The most impactful plant based cooking company has invited me to speak at their event on this very topic. Many of the individuals, prior to the event, sent me emails and direct messages on social media. They all had one thing in common; they were all asking the exact same question I kept asking when I first started my vegan lifestyle. “What are some enjoyable recipes I can cook that are delicious and at the same time help me stay on track with my fitness goals?”  They all wanted me to demonstrate how to do it and show them the recipes I am cooking to stay on point with my fitness goals.

Herbo-chef will not only give you mouth watering recipes that are easy to make, but also help you lose the few pounds you have been thinking about shedding for some time now. Along with the delicous easy to make recipes, you will also receive:

  • The meal plan map. This will help you know exactly which of the meals in Herbo-Chef to eat to help you lose weight.

  • The meal plan map, will help you learn exactly which meals in Herbo-Chef to eat to build lean muscle.

  • Know exactly which meals to cook, and full clarity and frequency of your meals.

  • No more aimless research on recipes.

  • Help you maintain a healthy lifestyle & prevent harmful effects associated with an unhealthy diet.


Why spend so much time searching the net for recipes, when you could instead use that time to invest and enrich your plant based lifestyle.

With Herbo-Chef you don’t have to do pointless research anymore on the healthiest plant based recipes.

It’s all laid out for you. BOOM.

If you’re an ambitious plant based individual willing to invest in something that will help you enjoy amazing vegan and vegetarian recipes that leave you incredibly satisfied while simultaneously building the physique of your dreams, then Herbo Chef is definitely for you.

If not, then this book isn’t for you.

After many requests from the plant based community and the ambitious members of #TeamVPG, the waiting list for “Herbo-Chef” is now officially open!

First off, congrats to all those ambitious plant based individuals who want to be the first to get the Herbo Chef book and make all the amazing plant based recipes already on the wish list. You’re killing it.

If you want to join them, and the rest of the top members of #TeamVPG join them  Here  &  be notified upon the release of Herbo-Chef.


Here on Team VPG, we always over deliver.

Upon joining the ambitious individuals on The Official Herbo Chef Waiting List, As a free Bonus, get the  “Herbivore Fasting Guide” in the members area.



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