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Well Hello.

Ready to reach your fitness goals effortlessly on a plant based diet; consuming the food you truly enjoy? You’ve come to the right website! ūüėÄ

This blog will cover all aspects of life, with the mindset on how to become a better, free and fit version of yourself.  I will teach you how to conquer your physique goals being vegan or vegetarian. 

So lets get the questions out of the way..

  • “Are you Vegan or Vegetarian?”
  • “What is VeggiePowerGainz?”
  • “What kind of relevant material could you have for me?”
  • “Why the #$@ did you make this blog?”

First off, those are all very good questions my friend. I never before saw myself as a blogger. However after creating an Instagram with intent of sharing my knowledge on fitness and nutrition I struck inspiration. Since age 16 I had an obsession with everything fitness and nutrition related. Growing up vegetarian, I’ve had years of experience in plant based fitness. I’m currently vegan, have a style of switching between vegetarian and vegan lifestyles which I will talk about soon. Since it’s difficult to go into depth with my Instagram posts, making this blog was my next step.¬† I strongly believe that I have valuable information that can change your life forever ; like it has mine!

I’m not perfect.. nor do I strive to be. My by far the biggest lesson through my years of dieting is to not to try and be perfect. Of course, practice principles of self discipline and improvement, but enjoy the process to. Enjoying every day till you reach your goal. Striving to be the best version of ourselves and dominating our fitness without the use of pointless supplements, no meat and of course without the use of drugs.

This is what ultimately what lead me to create “Veggie Power Gainz.”

Too often I see people who newly become vegan or start following a plant based diet get fed misinformation on there muscle building potential, spending their lives in the gym, and feeling guilty every time they “cheat” on their diet.

Moderation is they key.

This most importantly applies to nutrition and fitness. Of course eating healthy is great. Working out is good. But its only a part of life. Fitness should enrich your life, and not take away from it.


What if I could show you way you can enjoy your life to the fullest, while dominating the fitness area of your life being vegan or vegetarian? Whether you are newly vegan or been vegetarian for a while, I will show you how you can enjoy the food you love, while being on top of your nutrition and macros. Once you learn this lifestyle you will have full control over the appeal of your physique. Making gains and staying lean becomes simpler.

Sound too good to be true? Well, its not and i’m the living proof of it.

I’ve decided to create this blog because I want to share this information with you and help enrich your life.

As you explore my blog and continue reading my blog posts, Id encourage you to checkout my story.

“It is¬†the mark of an educated¬†mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”¬†¬†-Aristotle

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